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Social Studies Classes  

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The units we will be studying this year include: 


Geography Review, Economics, Native Americans/Regions, Exploration, Colonization, The Road to the Revolution, and The Revolutionary War

 Government, Manifest Destiny, Westward Expansion, Reform and Industrialization, A Dividing Nation, The Civil War, and Reconstruction
School Year Flow!
  • Week 18
    Test over Road to Revolution and the Revolutionary War including an ERQ and will probably take two days.  This week we also start The Patriot.  I love this movie.  Then it is Christmas Break.  Have a great holiday and don't forget all the pivotal things learned over all of these many weeks.  I hope it is safe and fulfilling to you all!!!!  I love you guys!!!!!
  • Week 10

    Chapter 4 we will be learning about Life in the Colonies.  This is all about the culture in the colonies and the sections include:  Farm life, City life, Their Rights, Crime and Punishment, African Americans, Class Differences, Education, Religion, Families, Food, and Leisure.  

  • Week 11

    Continuing with Colonial Life

  • Week 12

    Vocabualry Words Include:  economy, rights, Parliament, petition, class, and First Great Awakening.

  • Week 13
    Begin The Road To The Revolution Unit.  Love this one!  Here we play tug of war and do other interactive activities to learn about causes of the Revolutionary War. 
  • Week 14
    Continue the Road to the Revolution.  The Boston Massacre is covered here with an awsome national geographical video trying to prove what "really" happened there.  It is awesome and the kids never forget it.
  • Week 15
    Continue on the Road and cover an ERQ. 
  • Week 16
    Begin the Revolutionary War Unit.  Fun times!!!!!  George Washington enters history here!  So does Paul Revere along with the other 2 men that took that midnight ride with him!
  • Week 17
    Continue Revolutionary War and prepare for unit test.
  • Week 1 August 6th and 7th

    On the first two days of school we will primarily be learning the rules of the school, team, and my classroom.

  • Week 2

    During the second week of school we will be discussing Native Americans and working on the chapter activity packets.  Vocabulary words include adapt, natural resources, migrate, environment, culture, and cultural region. 

  • Week 3

    Continuing with Native Americans 

  • Week 4

    Finishing up Native Americans.  First Unit Test!!!!  Vocabulary Test!!!!

    Also, beginning European Exploration.  Marco, Polo!!!!  LOL!!!!

  • Week 5

    Starting to work in Chapter 2 Activity Packet.  We are claiming land!!!

    Vocabulary Words include:  slavery, conquistadors, colony, missionaries, and trappers 

  • Week 7

    This week unit test #2 and vocabulary test #2 will be happening!

    We also watch an awesome video about Jamestown the first successful colony in the New World!  This is in Virginia and it includes a geological dig that is happening in real time today.  

  • Week 8

    The English Colonies!  We will be learning things like the three colonial regions, climate of these regions, economy of these regions, and types of government within the colonies.  We will also be using map skills to complete an activity along with creating a foldable booklet, and postcard.  

    Vocabulary words include:  cash crops, assembly, democratic, Puritans, and slave trade.

  • Week 9

    Finishing up colonization, testing and vocabulary quiz.  Also watching a video about the 13 British Colonies.  

  • Week 6

    We are still Claiming Land and discussing Colonization.  

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