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In School Suspension
In School Suspension  

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ISS Mission Statement:
“Improve student behavior to improve academic achievement.”
Program Description:
In-school suspension is an alternative form of discipline to which a student may be assigned in lieu of out-of-school suspension. ISS provides a supervised environment in which students’ academic progress and behavior are monitored. ISS overcomes the major shortcomings of traditional suspension because it does not deprive students of the educational experience and allows students to continue with academic instruction and completion of assignments.
Program Goals:
            •To increase student achievement.
            •To improve student behavior.
            •To reduce out-of-school suspensions.
            •To reduce classroom disruptions.

Laurel County School District
South Laurel Middle School
In-School Suspension (ISS)
Procedures and Rules
Each student assigned to the In-School Suspension (ISS) classroom and their parent must read these procedures and rules. The parent(s) and student must sign and return the In-School Suspension (ISS) Rules and Procedures Acknowledgement Statement to the ISS teacher on arrival to the ISS classroom. 
ISS Procedures
1. All students must sign-in when entering the ISS classroom.
2. The dress code in the Student Code of Conduct will be strictly enforced in the ISS
3. Only school related materials are allowed in the ISS classroom.
4. Personal grooming of any type will not be permitted.
5. Chairs/desks are not to be moved in the ISS classroom. Leaning back in a chair
    will not be tolerated.            
6. Students requiring medication will be allowed to go to the office for their medication
    after verification has been made with office staff by the ISS teacher.          
7. Students are to take all their textbooks with them each day as they leave the ISS
    classroom, unless they have been given permission by the ISS teacher.
8. The students will return the assignments completed in ISS to their classroom
    teachers to be graded.         
9. Each student’s desk area must be clean prior to leaving the ISS classroom.
10. Breakfast and lunch will be provided to the students in the ISS classroom.

 11. A schedule of restroom breaks, breakfast and lunch times will be posted in the ISS
     ISS classroom. You will be instructed what to do by the ISS teacher.

ISS Rules
1. Upon arrival to school, you must report directly to the ISS classroom.
2. You must sign-in when entering the ISS classroom. After you have signed-in, begin
    work immediately on your assignments.
3. You must follow ALL directions given to you.
4. You must bring your textbooks and materials when you report to the ISS classroom. 
    If you need anything from your locker in order to complete an assignment, you will
    lose 5 points from your point sheet.
5. Completing assignments and good behavior will earn you points. You need 25 points     
    out of a possible 35 points and complete all assignments to have a successful day 
    in the ISS classroom.
6. Failure to earn 25 points and completion of all assignments will result in a referral
    back to the principal’s office with a possible 2nd day of ISS or other appropriate   
    disciplinary actions.
7. You must write your first and last name, the teacher’s name, the subject name, and
    date on each page of each completed assignment.
8. Complete all assignments with quality work. When solving math problems, you must
    show all your work.......don’t just give the answers.
9. After completing all current assignments, you are to work on homework or make-up
    work. If you have completed all of this, you may read a student handbook, a library
    book, a textbook or write definitions from the dictionary of words you do not know or
    from the back of one of your textbooks.                          
10. You may not go to your locker at the end of the day.
11. Do not attempt to communicate with other students. This includes the passing of
    notes, talking, any type of sign-language, gestures, holding up notes or signs.
12. Do NOT attempt to sleep: NO heads on desks, slouching in seats, leaning on walls
    or closing of eyes.
13. Keep your head up, your feet on the floor, and face the front of your desk or study
14. Have NOTHING in your mouth.
15. Raise your hand and WAIT for the ISS teacher to come to you or give you
    permission to speak.
16. You will be respectful to persons and property in the ISS classroom.

County School District
South Laurel Middle School
In-School Suspension (ISS) Rules and Procedures
Acknowledgement Statement
I have read the In-School Suspension (ISS) Rules and Procedures and understand what is expected of me during my assignment to ISS.
____________________________________________                    ______________________
                      Student Signature                                                                           Date
I have read the In-School Suspension (ISS) Rules and Procedures and understand what is expected of _______________________ during his/her assignment to ISS.
                    Student’s Name
____________________________________________                    ______________________
                      Parent Signature                                                                           Date
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