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  • December 1st-5th

    Conclusion of our "Age of Exploration" unit. Team Task: Research an explorer's  impact the explorers on history and report to your class! So put your boots on and let's begin exploring!

    "Colonization/Colonial America/13 Colonies". We will begin our journey into the New World in the Colonization era. We will study about the Mayflower as well as their self-government-Mayflower Compact.


  • December 8-12th!

     We will explore "The Lost Colony" of Roanoke and Jamestown Colony. Get ready to go on an archaeological dig to explore Jamestown and help try to solve the mystery of Roanoke. So lets "start it up".



  • April 8-12

    Government and Civics

    • United States Government (Federal/National Level)
    • Kentucky (State Level)
    • Laurel County (Local Level)

    Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens in our country:


    • Bill of Rights
    • Other rights not listed in Bill of Rights


    • Obeying the law
    • Paying taxes
    • Participating in the election process (voting, knowing the candidate's issues, talking to an elected official)
    • Serving on a jury
    • Military service
    • Volunteering or community service

    Government Services:

  • Industrialization and Immigration

    We will focus on Industrialization and Immigration this week. Check out the link: http://teacher.scholastic.com/activities/immigration/index.htm

  • February 18-28

    Declaration of Independence!

    We will examine the historical document-Declaration of Independence and Common Sense. We will memorize the Declaration of Rights.

  • The Revolutionary War

    We will focus on the Continental Army and the British Army, their strategies and advantages/disadvantages. We will discover which side won the battles during the Revolutionary War and how the Continental Army was able to defeat the powerful British Army.

  • Week of January 21-February 1

    We will go back to the 1700s and learn about the conflict with the colonists and British that led to the Revolutionary War (our country's independence)

    Our focus will be on the French and Indian War, Pontiac's Rebellion, Proclamation of 1763, Quartering Act of 1765, Stamp Act of 1765, Townshend Act 1767, Boston Massacre 1770, Tea Act 1773, Boston Tea Party 1773, and Intolerable Acts 1774.

    In this unit, we are colonists and will go back in history to learn what life was like during this time. We live in colonies at this time-not states. Therefore, we are controlled by the King of England, one in particular King George III, since colonies are places ruled by a far away country. England is like our mother since this is our mother country and we are like her children-expected to obey all her taxes. This leads to several events that eventually led to the start of the Revolutionary War.

  • Superbowl Friday!

    Dress in our favorite sports attire and participate in Superbowl activities on this day. You will be divided into sports teams and decide on a "new" NFL team and research information regarding the best place to locate your sports team using various research methods. (locate human activities) We will have a Superbowl party to go along with our day so bring a snack if you wish. You will have nacho's and cheese provided. So come prepared to enjoy our "Super" day!.

  • February 4-15

    We will focus on points of view of Patriot, Loyalist, and Neutralist! We will have a panel debate to hear both sides of their issues concerning declaring independence.

    We will learn about the start of the Revolutionary War starting with one of the most famous individuals during this time-Paul Revere. We will discover his exciting adventure that we know of "The British or Regulars are coming". Think about what "one of by land, two if by sea" and the significance behind this important phrase.

    We will also study about other battles that occured during this time with a research project that you and your classmates get to participate in. You will discover how the colonists won the war against all odds.

    Our historical documents we will read about are the Declaration of Independence and Common Sense. We will find about what led to the signing of "The Declaration of Independence" and what the Declaration states. You will know the Declaration of Rights by the end of this unit with a one of a kind song.

    You will discover the Patriots and Loyalist point of view and find out what each side thought and felt during this time. We will learn how hard it was to make this choice-breaking ties with your country to gain  independence.

  • January 5-9 2015

    Welcome to the 13 Colonies! Get ready to explore the 13 colonies. You will need to know the location of each colony as well as the differences between the regions-geography, housing, natural resources, people, and economy. You will become an expert on a colonial region and report to the class on your research findings.

  • March 11-22

    Westward Expansion! 1800s

    Let's take a journey west and discover why settlers/pioneers went west. (Reasons for Westward Expansion) and the diverse people (Chinese Immigrants, Mormons, Forty-Niners, Mexicanos, Nez Perce) 

    We will also be reading about the Civil War and causes of Civil War!

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