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Reading 5th Grade  

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  • Vocabulary Word Parts to Study

    Week Two:

    voc=voice          ex. vocal

    vac=empty         ex. vacant

    mot=move          ex. motion

    narr=tell             ex. narrative

    magni=great      ex. magnificent, magnify

    Week One:

    ir=not                  ex. irresponsible

    self=by yourself, itself  ex. selfie, selfish

    struct=build         ex. structure, construction

    tract=pull             ex. tractor

    cede/ceed=go     ex. proceed

    Week Twelve:

    dict=say               ex. dictation

    audi=hear            ex. audio, audition

    aqua=water         ex. aquarium

    co=together         ex. collaborate

    ab=away              ex. absent

    Week Eleven:

    vis=see                 ex. visualize, vision

    super=above        ex. superb

    ir/il=not                 ex. illegal, irresponsible

    port=carry            ex. portable

    vers=change        ex. versatile

    Week Ten:

    mal=bad                ex. malfunction, malnuerished

    man=hands           ex. manual, man-made

    equi=equal            ex. equilateral, equivalent

    pro=for, forward    ex. propel

    phon=sound          ex. phonics

    Week Nine:

    ped=foot              ex. pedals, pedicure

    cap=take             ex. capture, captive

    extra=beyond      ex. extraordinary

    poly=many          ex. polygon

    tele=far               ex. telescope

  • Comprehension Quizzes

    Simple Solutions quizzes will be given every six lessons.

  • Fluency

    Practice reading the fluency passage every night.

  • Vocabulary Tests

    Vocabulary tests will be on Fridays of each week, unless otherwise noted. 

  • 100 Point Club (85 % and above average)

    Students who earn 100 points and maintain an 85% or above average will get to go on a field trip at the end of the year.  

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