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Leaving Class for Restroom

Only one (1) person at a time permitted to leave the class.  If someone else has the pass, you must wait until they return.

If you leave the classroom to go to the restroom, you must use the restrooms located in the front foyer.  Do not go down the hall to the restrooms at the end of the hall.  The ones in the front foyer are closest and I can see you while you are in the hallway.

If you leave the classroom to go to the restroom, do NOT do anywhere else--go to the restroom and return to class quickly.  The restroom excuse is not an excuse to go anywhere except the restroom!

ATTENTION:  If you need to go anywhere else (nurse, office, etc.) you MUST ask my permission.  Do not leave my room to go anywhere except the restroom without receiving my permission.

Do not take more time than necessary.  Every minute you are out of class is time that you are missing instruction and/or assignments.  Go quickly and return--two-three minutes is usually enough time!  Remember, someone else may be waiting for you to return so they can have the same opportunity!
NOTE:  Each minute out of class for the restroom will be deducted from the amount of time you will get to play games on rewards day.  Class time is important!!!  The time you missed will need to be made up instead of playing games.

Do not abuse the privilege of going to the restroom during class.  You do NOT need to leave class every day.  Go only when absolutely necessary.  Parents will be notified if a student requests to leave class more than three times during the nine weeks.
NOTE:  Class time is for working--not for going to the restroom.  You have time between classes to go to the restroom.  Each minute out of class is causing you to fall behind on your work and will jeopardize your grade!