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Visual Arts Program Review

Arts and Humanities Program Review




List Evidence
Curriculum and Instruction
 Demonstrator 1: Student Access:  All students should have equitable access to high quality curriculum and instruction. 
Curriculum and Instruction
 Demonstrator 2: Aligned and Rigorous Curriculum;  An aligned and rigorous curriculum provides access to a common academic core for all students as defined by state and national standards,   
Course Listing for Registration and Graduation Requirements (on SLHS website)
Curriculum and Instruction
 Demonstrator 3:  Instructional Stategies
All teachers should implement instructional implement instructional strategies that provide quality, variety and access for all students. 
Curriculum and Instruction
 Demonstrator 4: Student Performance: When all students are provided access to an aligned and rigorous curriculum, where instructional strategies are of high quality and inclusive student performance should be at a consistently high level. 
 See Various students art work according to level of art at
Tammi Chandler's Homepage

Formative and Summative Assessment
 Demonstrator 1: Variety of Assessment
Teachers should use a variety of assessments to formatively and summatively monitor student progress toward standards.
Lesson Plans

Open Response Questions 
Comprehensive Midterm & Final Exams are available upon request in art room and also posted in Teacher Share Folder

Art Jeopardy

Social Studies Renaissance Art Worksheet

Bluegrass Regional High School Art Show
Formative and Summative Assessment
 Demonstrator 2: Expectations for Student Learning:  Teachers should have common and high standards for student learning in Arts and Humanities
 See student work and syllabus according to art level on Tammi Chandler's Homepage 

 Guest Speaker Jules Robinson, The Art Institutes
Formative and Summative Assessment
 Demonstrator 3: Response to Assessment:  Multiple formative and summative assessments are used to inform, guide, develop and revise instructional strategies and curriculum to enhance student learning and achievement.   
 Hard Copies of Quizzes, Open Responses, Midterm Exams, Unit Exams and Final Exams are available upon request.  Student feedback is given on each exam and reviews of exam follows testing dates.   Also some assessments are located in Teacher share file. 
Professional Development  and Support Services 
Demonstrator 1: Planning: 
Professional development opportunities are planned with teacher learning needs in mind and in response to data available about teacher practice and student learning.  
KEEIS Professional Development
     Program Review for A & H and PLCS
     Seven Strategies of Assessment for Learning Part I Kentucky Core Academic Standards, End of Course Assessments, Program Reviews Arts and Humanities Program Review Evidenced with School Pointe
School Pointe Web Management Software Online Classroom
Professional Portfolio documents various Professional Development located in Art Room. 
Professional Development Examples are in folder on Teacher Share File. 
Professional Development and Support Services
Demonstrator 2:  Participation: 
Teachers participate in program-specific professional development designed to meet their needs.  All teachers participate in professional development focused on 21st century skills. 
Professional Development and Support Services Demonstrator 3:  Teacher Leadership:  Teachers are leaders in their professional community, and guide/lead professional development that meets the needs of the professional learning community. 
 Individual Growth Plan

PLC minutes are posted in Teacher Share File
Administrative/Leadership Support and Monitoring
 Demonstrator 1:  Shared Vision: Schools Councils and administrators have developed a shared vision for insuring quality Arts and Humanities instructional programs.   
 South Laurel High School's Mission Statement. (Success in Life through High Achievement and Self-worth for ALL students.)

School Report Card documents achievements of Arts Students
Administrative/Leadership Support and Monitoring
 Demonstrator 2: Time and Resources:  School leadership will provide adequate resources, facilities, space and instructional time to support high quality Arts and Humanities instructional programs. 
 Hard Copy of SBDM minutes are available upon request
Also SBDM minutes are posted on South Laurel High's website

Teacher Certification posted in professional notebook in classroom

KDE Arts Toolkits
Administrative/Leadership Support and Monitoring
 Demonstrator 3: The SBDM Council and School Leadership shall establish and monitor implementation of policies concerning a school's Arts and Humanities instructional program.   
Administrative/Leadership Support and Monitoring
 Demonstrator 4: Principal Leadership:  Principals are the primary leaders for all program efforts and support teacher leadership through shared and distributed leadership strategies and actions.   
 South Laurel Auditorium

Art Inventory

Funding and facilties are adequate to support high student and staff performance in the arts.