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Guided Notes on Plot

Guided Notes on Plot


Name ___________________________ Date ________________ Period ___


What is Plot?

    _____PLOT_____  is the _____SEQUENCE____   OF__  EVENTS___that lead through a story to the solving of the _PROBLEM_____


7 Parts of Plot:

1.  Exposition (__INTRODUCTION_______):

 --meet main ___CHARACTER________

--learn character’s __SITUATION___

--learn character’s ___ATTITUDE___ toward situation

--learn __SETTING____


2. Narrative Hook:

--event written into the story that grabs reader’s ___ATTENTINO_and begins  

     the ___PROBLEM__

--sort of, the point of _NO_  __RETURN__  for the main character


3.  Rising Action:

--events leading from __NARRATIVE_   _HOOK_  to _CONCLUSION_

--character will have to overcome _OBSTACLES_along the way


4.  Climax:

--__HIGHPOINT_ of story

--_TURNING_  _POINT_ of action (__DIRECTION of action is_CHANGED_)

--determines the way story will   _END_

--allows for _PROBLEM_  to be _SOLVED_  (but does not solve the problem)


5.  Falling Action:

The few events leading from __CLIMAX________ to  _CONCLUSION_



6.              Resolution:

The _SOLVING_  of the problem



      7.    Conclusion:  _END_of the story



      8.      Denoument:   (day-new-mont)

In _SOME_stories, what happens after the _CONCLUSION_