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Classroom Procedures

*Below are several important classroom procedures that will be demonstrated in my classroom.*

Classroom Procedures

Entering the Classroom:

1. Students will enter into the room quietly and take their assigned seats.

2. Students will begin working on their daily opening assignment.

3. Students will remain on task and work quietly without talking.

During Instruction:

1. Students will be at a voice level of 0 - No Talking

2. Students will listen carefully to all directions given, as they will not be repeated.

3. Students need to have all necessary materials out on their desk.

4. Students will be taking notes in their composition notebook or in the form of a foldable.

Needing Assistance/Answering a question/Asking a Question:

1. Students who need assistance/help, would like to answer a question, or have a question will raise their hand.

2. Student will wait until the teacher calls on them to ask their question or answer the question being asked.

3. Students will not call out their answer or yell out their question.

Class Dismissal:

1. When the bell rings at the end of class, students will remain in their seats. *The bell DOES NOT dismiss the students, the teacher dismisses the students*

2. I will dismiss the students when all work areas are clean and students are in their seats sitting quietly.