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Math Websites

How Many?Play simple games to learn how many counters there are, or add or fill the form!

IXL Math Practice math skills by grade from PreK-6th!

Various Math Topics Learn more about various math topics!

Math Open Reference  Learn more about plane geometry, solid geometry, coordinate geometry, and more!

Solid Shape Match Match the solid shape to the one in the picture!

Solid (3-D) Shapes Match the solid shape to its name!

Math Frog Various games for Grades 4, 5, and 6!
Math Cafe Practice your facts with sheets or flashcards! Or practice money!
Range, Median, Mode, Mean Who Wants to be a Millionaire style game!
Kaboose Math Games Choose from a wide variety of math games!
Telling Time to 5 Minutes Move the hands to show the right time!
Counting Money  Choose from 3 levels!
Basic Multiplication FactsPractice your basic X facts!

Buy It with the Little FarmerGive the farmer the correct amount of $$$ to win!

Ghost Hunters Odd NumbersGet all of the ghosts who are odd numbered to win!

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - Subtraction Style

Ghost Blasters SubtractionChoose a one or two-person game!

Place Value Made EasyThis site explains place value before you practice!

Coin RecognitionDo you recognize pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters?

How Much Money?Choose from easy, medium, or hard levels!

Place ValuePractice place value through the thousands place!

Stop the Clock to the Nearest Minute
Stop the Clock to the Nearest 5 Minutes
Stop the Clock to the Nearest 15 Minutes
Match the digital time with the analog time before the clock runs out!

Locating Coordinates
Play against the computer or a friend and find the coordinates!

Make a Bar Graph

Fraction FunHelp Melvin match equivalent fractions!

Basic Math Fun
+, -, x, ÷, fractions, graphs, $, sorting, shapes, numbers, patterns, and more!

Number SenseMatch the number in word form to the digit form to reveal a picture!

Math Magician
Choose from +, -, x, ÷ to see if you are a math magician!

Perimeter PracticeHelp Adam Ant find the perimeter of objects

Math BaseballTry your luck at +, -, x, ÷ facts while playing baseball!  Different levels to choose from!

Decimal & Whole Number Jeopardy
Place Value, Comparing & Rounding Numbers
Multiplying with One DecimalMultiplying with Decimals!
Magnet & Conveyor Game
Hint: There are two parts to this website. The first choice lets you work
on your division skills. The second part works on story problems, but be
aware that the problems come from the UK, so they look different than
what American problems might look like.
Math FlashcardsChoose different flashcards to help you learn your math facts!
+, -, x, ÷, time, money, algebra, clocks, rounding, fractions, geometry, & more!
Expanded Form  Practice writing words from expanded form to standard form!
More Expanded Form Add up the numbers in expanded form to get to the standard form!
More Math Flashcards Choose from numbers 1-100, multiplication, shapes, or money!
Clock FlashcardsWork on telling time!
3-Digit Subtraction with RegroupingStep-by-step process of how to subtract with regrouping,
then some practice problems!
Measuring Up!  Help Clifford the Big Red Dog!
3rd Grade Math  Choose from many different 3rd Grade math topics!
AAAmath  Choose from many different K-8 math topics!
1st Grade Math Choose from a wide variety of 1st grade math topics!
More 1st Grade Math Choose from more 1st grade math topics!
Yet More 1st Grade Math  Yet more 1st grade math topics to choose from for practice!
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? - Addition  Add up to two digit numbers with regrouping to win a million!
Math by Grade LevelChoose from math activities based on what grade you're in!
Math Playground  Choose from a variety of fun math games!
Math Worksheet CreatorCreate math worksheets many different math areas!
GeoboardPractice your skills on the geoboard!
Base 10 MathPractice working with 1's, 10's, and 100's!
Practice Counting MoneyTell how much money there is or show an exact amount!
Basic Fact GamesThis site has a bunch of games to practice +,-,x,/!
Elapsed TimeMove the analog clock to show what the new time is!
Clock MatchMatch the time on the analog clock to the time on the digital clock!
Converting UnitsWork on converting time, length, weight, area, or volume!
Math NumbersPractice basic facts, time, geometry, and algebra!
Fraction GamesChoose from a variety of games to learn your fractions!
Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal To?Choose the appropriate level and get started!
More Fraction GamesChoose from more games to learn your fractions!
Place Value PuzzlerChoose your level to practice place value from millions to decimals!
Interactive Math GamesChoose from many topics - from basic facts, estimation, fractions, and more!
Tic Tac Go AdditionYou are given the answer, so find two numbers that equal it when added together!
Woodlands Math ZonePlay a variety of games from number skills all the way to probability!
Fraction GameDecide which slice of pizza is bigger!