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Health Syllabus


North Laurel Middle School

Life Skills

2017-2018 Course Syllabus

Ms. Ratliff/Health and P.E. Teacher

Office telephone:  606-862-4715

Email:  haley.ratliff@laurel.kyschools.us

Website:  www.laurel.kyschools.us

Dear parents and students:


            Many exciting activities are planned for the nine weeks and we at North Laurel Middle hope it will be a wonderful year for everyone.  Below you will find a variety of information regarding procedures and class activities for the upcoming grading period.  Please read this information and keep it in your Life Skills folder.


            If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email or call me.  Email is the fastest way to get a response.  My planning is 1st period.  If I am not available, please leave a message with the office and I will gladly return your call.  Thank you for allowing me the honor of having you in my class for nine weeks.


Ms. Ratliff



Description of class:

Students will engage in group projects, role-playing, and many more exciting activities while studying personal wellness, nutrition, and safety.



Students will use textbooks for in-class discussions and assignments, but there will not be any textbooks that the students will be held responsible to keep with them.


Required materials:

  • pencil
  • folder with binder inside and pockets
  • loose paper


Standards for this class - Students will:

  • Develop an appreciation for personal wellness, nutrition and safety.
  • Analyze, prioritize, categorize, evaluate, and compare to solve real-life situations.
  • Promote individual well-being and healthy family relationships.
  • Evaluate consumer products and services.
  • Demonstrate the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Course Outline/Calendar for the Nine Weeks:

Introductions, Rules, Procedures, and Getting to Know Me            ½ week

Unit 1 - Personal Wellness                                                         2 weeks

Unit 2 - Nutrition                                                                        2 weeks

Unit 3 - Tobacco, Alcohol and other illegal drugs                       2 ½ weeks

Unit 4 - Safety                                                                           1 week

Review and End of Nine Weeks Exam                                         1 week


Method of Grading Calculation:

Performance Based: 20%

Tests: 30%

Quizzes: 25%

Homework: 25%


NOTE:  A student who earns less than 60% on a test or quiz may retake it and earn up to 60% as a grade.  Should a student score less than 60% on the retake, he/she will receive the higher of the two scores.  The grade on work turned in late will be lowered 10%.


Classroom Expectations:  (ACTOR)

1. Attention – Be attentive to who is speaking at all times.

2. Commitment - Stay on task and commit to projects to optimize output and minimize distraction.

3. Trust – Have faith and rely on your classmates and myself to be there for you.

4. Opportunity – Seize moments to excel in every activity of the classroom.

5. Respect – Respect, honor, and take care of everyone in the classroom like your family.


If you choose to break a rule:

1st Offense:  Name written down.  This is a warning.

2nd Offense:  Conference with teacher.  Possible call home to discuss the issues we are having.

3rd Offense:  Complete BMA or write up to the office to discuss discipline problems with principals.

Severe clause/Repeat offenses:  Sent directly to the office with a referral and parents will be notified.


Rewards for Good Behavior:

  • Verbal and non - verbal praise - daily
  • Positive notes home - on occasion
  • Whole-class fun activity (15 min) - one week.
  • Whole-class fun activity (entire class period) – on occasion.



TEACHER:  I will be fair and consistent in administering the discipline plan for Life Skills Class.

Teacher’s Signature:                 Ms. Ratliff                 Date:            01/04/16____


PARENT or GUARDIAN:  My child and I have reviewed and approved the classroom discipline plan.

Parent’s or Guardian’s Signature:  __________________________________________Date:_______________


STUDENT:  I have read this classroom discipline plan and understand it and will honor all of what is written.

Student’s Signature:  ___________________________________Date:_______________ Class Period: ______


NOTE:  This syllabus must be signed (by you and your parent or guardian) and returned by 01/08/16.  This will be your first grade for my class in the homework grading category.  It will be scored as follows:  100% if turned in on or before 01/08/16 or 10 points off every day thereafter.