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Study Guide "One Small Place in a Tree"

Study Guide

“One Small Place in a Tree”

pgs. 136-154

  1. What do timber beetles do to the tree
  2. What sound brings red-bellied woodpeckers to the tree?
  3. How would a flying squirrel use the hole in the tree?
  4. According to the selection, how can trees get tree rot?
  5. What animals might live in a log after the tree falls?
  6. :_________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • :___________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • :___________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • :_____________________________________________________________________________________________________


Regular Plurals

 To make many words plural, meaning “more than one” add the ending –s or –es.  These types of plurals are called regular plurals, because they follow these rules. 


  • The letters –es are added to words ending in ch, sh, s, ss, x, z, or zz.

Ex. box---boxes

  • If a word ends in a consonant and a –y, change the y to an i, and add –es.

Ex. fly—flies

  • If a word ends in a vowel and a –y, just add –s.

Ex. toy--toys 

  • If a word ends in f or fe, change the f, or fe to v, and add –es. 

Ex. knife—knives

  1. mess—________
  2. baby--________
  3. wish--________
  4. donkey--_______
  5. wolf--_________


The author wrote this selection in order to_____________________________________________________________________________________________________.

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