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Grade 6 Reading A+ Syllabus


6th Grade Reading A+

Classroom Rules and Procedures

Ms. Jessica Sanchez


Welcome to sixth-grade Reading A+! I’m excited about the opportunity to get to know you, and I’m looking forward to a happy and productive school year with each student putting forth their best effort. Below is a list of the course requirements, policies, and procedures. Please take the time to review the class syllabus and sign, date, and return the attached lower sheet. The PARENT PORTAL for INFINITE CAMPUS will provide you with access to up to date in-class assignments and the most current class grades.   

  • Course Description:

Throughout the course of this year, we will be studying short stories, poetry, informational texts, and argumentative texts. In addition to reading, we will also be focusing on various comprehension skills and writing various texts such as narratives, informational texts, and argumentative texts.

  • Beginning Class

When you enter the class each day, you will see information on the Smart Board that directs you as to what to pick up, what to have out, and what you will be working on.  Please be in your seat and ready to begin class when the bell rings.

  • Bringing Needed Supplies

You are responsible for having a pencil, paper and planner every day. Please make sure before you leave home in the morning that you have these items.   

  • If You Are Absent

  1. It is your responsibility to ask your teacher for and complete any missed assignments in a timely manner when you return from an absence.

  2. I am free most mornings at 8:00 and during my planning period to assist you with your make-up work.

  3. On the white boards, you can find a black pocket file labelled “Make-Up Work.”  Here, you can pick up missing assignments.

  4. When you are ready to turn in make-up work, you are to place it in the tray labelled with your class period.

  • Procedure for the End of Class and Class Dismissal

Right before the bell rings everyone should be sitting in his/her assigned seat, quiet, gathering all materials, and waiting for the teacher to dismiss the class. I dismiss you, not the bell.

  • When We Have a Visitor

When we have a visitor (teacher, administrator, student, parent) you are expected to follow the same classroom rules and procedures. You are expected to be polite to the visitor. Do not talk to the visitor unless he/she is talking to you directly. Continue working on your assignment as usual. If the visitor needs to speak to me privately, I expect you to remain in your seat without talking.

  • When You Finish Early

If you finish early on your work, then you may a.) read independently b.) work on assignments from other classes. c.) take A.R. test. DO NOT TALK OR DISTURB OTHERS.

  • Leaving the Classroom

In order to control the amount of traffic leaving my classroom, you are to go to your locker, restroom, and/or get a drink of water during class change. You have 5 minutes during class change, and that is ample amount of time to use the restroom.   

  • Parent Contact

If a parent/guardian needs to speak with, please schedule an appointment. My e-mail is jessica.sanchez2@laurel.kyschools.us or call the school 862-4745.

  • Classroom Rules

1. Be in your seat and ready to begin class on time.

2. Bring all required materials to class.  

3. Always pay attention and follow directions.

4. Always raise your hand and wait to be called upon before speaking.

5. Keep your hands, feet, pencils, and other personal items to yourself.

  • Consequences

Everything we do in life has consequences. If you choose to disobey your parent, you must accept the consequences that come with it (grounding, things taken away from you, etc.) Consequences are the things that happen to you when you choose not to obey a rule. This is what will happen if you choose to violate one of the classroom rules:

  • 1st time: Warning and possibly a change in seat location in the room

  • 2nd time: Break Loss

  • 3rd time: Call Parent/Possible team meeting

  • 4th time: Office Referral


Yes, there are lots of rules, policies, and procedures here.  However, those things are in place to make sure that class runs smoothly and safely.  The main thing to remember is that we will all work together to make this school year great!


Students and Parents, please sign and return the form on the next page by August 17, 2018.  Please keep the syllabus for your records.

I have read the class syllabus and understand what is required of me for eighth grade Reading A+.




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