Everyone in the school, students, teachers, cooks, and support people cut out an outline of their hand and decorated it in their own unique way. We put the hands in a design around the Arts poster. Individually the hands look good, but when they are put together they look awesome. This is a lesson to all of us. Individually we can do good things, but TOGETHER we can accomplish GREAT things! Rocky Martin, Anthony Roaden, Tyson Young, and Joshua Good creating Native American paper mache Maya Mullins and Shelby Johnson create Native American paper mache 5th Grade Joshua Bussiere as Thomas Jefferson Eli Singleton as Benjamin Franklin Emily Rose as Harriet Tubman Allison Eaton as Anne Frank Hailey Ledford as Anne Frank Jonah Mosley as George Washington Abbigail Smith as Clara Barton and Shelby Johnson as a wounded soldier Courtney Owens as Rosa Parks Jessica Little as Susan B. Anthony Erin Nantz as Helen Keller and Brooklyn Fuson as Anne Sullivan Cheyenne Creech as Amelia Earhart
  Keavy Elementary serves students from Primary through 5th grade and also houses a preschool class. Many of our faculty and staff attended Keavy and continue to live in the community and thus have a personal commitment to making our school the best it can be. We strive to ensure that all of our students are prepared to succeed at the n...
Elementary Basketball Season Tips Off

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Fall Festival


Keavy Elementary will be hosting a Fall Festival on November 14, 2014. Please check back for a list of times and acitvities.

Thank You!

A HUGE Thank You to all our students and their parents for working hard to sell spirit cards and earn money for our school!

Parent-Teacher Conference

Parent-Teacher conferences will be held from 3:15pm-6:15pm on Monday, October 27, 2014. Teachers will be sending out sign-up sheets soon.

Basketball Schedule

Bluejay Basketball

Hazel Green vs Keavy October 13, 2014 Away
Keavy vs Cold Hill October 14, 2014 Home
Bush vs Keavy October 21, 2014 Away
Keavy vs Sublimity October 23, 2014 Home
Keavy vs E. Bernstadt October 28, 2014 Home
Keavy vs. Hunter Hills October 30, 2014 Home


Go Bluejays!

Veteran's Day


Please join us in honoring our Veterans during our assembly program at 9:00a.m on November 11, 2014

Appalachian Festival


Keavy will be hosting an Appalchian Festival Day on November 7, 2014. Students will get to experience folk music and storytelling along with crafts and handmade goods.

*Students are encouraged to dress in Appalachian folk attire.

Archery Team Tryouts

Archery team tryouts will be held this fall. Please check the webpage for dates. Tryouts will be open to all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students.

Jug Band

Parents/ Guardians

I am Mr. Burns. I am the Arts Teacher at Keavy. I am reaching out to the community for some help.  I am in the process of starting a "Keavy Elementary Mountain Jug Band". To do this, I need some objects to make the instruments that we will use. I could use the following:

  • Gallon ceramic jugs with a handle.
  • Harmonicas
  • A large metal wash tub
  • A wash board
  • Large metal spoons
  • Cookie tins

I am hoping to get the instruments ready and have the band ready to perform for Veterans’ Day, November 11h.

I am also looking for musicians that would be able to come to our school and perform “Mountain/Bluegrass music, using instruments like the Dulcimer, Banjo, Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, etc.  Our community is full of great musicians and I would like to use them to help the children learn the importance of that type of music to our culture.

 Any help you could give will be greatly appreciated.

James Burns

You can reach me at:



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