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Principal's Message

Welcome to the Laurel County Schools Center for Innovation (CFI). Our team of faculty and staff are prepared to deliver a rigorous and challenging learning environment for students. We have developed a school culture that embraces the concept of student engagement, inclusion, and collaboration. Our highly qualified faculty members with content specializations in English, math, or technical education are able to deliver their instructional content while also integrating components connected ...
James Davis
Dr. James Davis, Principal at CFI
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CFI Students Working in Medical Lab Mrs. Vandeventer and Kaitlin Schumaker working together in medical science lab.

Recently Allied Health Science (AHS) students at the Laurel County Schools Center for Innovation (CFI) learned comparative anatomy and physiology in the medical science lab.  Students participated in the dissection of a fetal pig specimen to learn organ systems identification and physiological function.  Mrs. Vandeventer, MSN, RN, and NHA program coordinator, provided a facilitated lab activity and helped students learn the foundations of the science behind mammalian anatomy and physiology. “It is important to contextualize key concepts and to provide students an opportunity for applied learning activities,” said Vandeventer.  

Tammy Jones, MSN, RN, and MNA program coordinator, spoke of the role that kinesthetic learning plays in reinforcing lecture and theory content from the classroom and the ability to apply that knowledge in clinical practicum and lab activities.  “Our medical science lab is designed especially for enriched and specialized learning activities. We are pleased to provide this opportunity for our students at the CFI,” remarked Jones. 


“The AHS program provides outstanding education and training for our students.  Our students have successfully transitioned to the workforce in varied healthcare settings earning professional credentials, and many are in college completing their advanced education for future career success,” stated Dr. James M. Davis, CFI Principal.   

Health Science Students Practice Suture Skills in Lab (Picture:  L-R: Iseabella DeRose, Whittney Robinson, Andy Carnes, and Mrs. Vandeventer  practicing sutures in medical science lab.)

Laurel County Schools Center for Innovation (CFI) students in the Allied Health Science (AHS) program are learning about medical sutures and wound care techniques in lab simulations.


“It is important that we provide experiential learning and lab simulations for our students that helps to reinforce classroom instruction,” said Chastity Vandeventer, MSN, RN, and NHA program coordinator.  “Students in the AHS program are provided education and training in the principles of health science, emergency procedures, medical terminology, acute basic care, medical office procedures, anatomy, and physiology.  AHS students have opportunities for work-based learning through cooperative placement with local healthcare agencies,” remarked Tammy Jones, MSN, RN, and MNA program coordinator. 


Dr. James M. Davis, CFI Principal, stated, “We are very proud of the quality of the education and training that our students receive and experience at the CFI.  We know they are well prepared for college and career success.” 

Industrial Technology Students Utilize Welding Lab at CFI CFI student Trent Keltner working in Welding Lab

Industrial Maintenance Technology (IMT) students at the Laurel County Schools Center for Innovation (CFI) are learning to utilize metal fabrication skills in the welding lab. 

Over the last three years, IMT students have completed coursework in Principles of Electrical Technology, Electrical Motor Controls, Programmable Logic Controls, and Shop Management. The students are currently completing Welding for Maintenance.   The Welding for Maintenance class teaches students three major fabrication processes, such as MIG, TIG, and Stick welding.

“Students Trent Keltner and Isaac Campbell have earned national certification for Electrical Technician in our National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) accredited program at the CFI,” said Mr. Gary Karr, IMT Program Coordinator.  IMT students also learn construction technology skills in the residential lab utilizing various saws, building supplies, hand tools, and power tools.  “Our graduates of the IMT program are highly sought after for careers in advanced manufacturing by various major employers in the region,” added Karr.

“We are very proud of our IMT program and the exceptional opportunities that it provides our students for career development,” remarked Dr. James M. Davis, CFI Principal.

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