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Pupil Personnel

Last Updated: 9/24/2020 6:55 PM
Director:  Teresa Smith
Director of Pupil Personnel (DPP) is also called Director of Student Services. The DPPs areas of supervision include   Family Resource & Youth Service Centers, Comp Care Counseling Programs in the schools, truancy issues, juvenile   court, home & hospital services, student records, census records, student information software system, and a number of   other areas.
The office of the DPP is located in the Central Office Building, 718 North Main Street, London KY 40741. The phone number is 606-862-4600.
Truancy vs. Neglect
The DPP Department handles all aspects of truancy and educational neglect when children are not attending school. Truancy is typically viewed as children 13 or older who are not attending school. Charges of truancy are not made against cooperative parents but against the juvenile. Parents of students ages 13 or older who are having difficulty with their child are encouraged to contact the DPPs and establish a working relationship that will improve the student’s negative behaviors.
Children 12 and under are the responsibility of their parents. Therefore, when a younger child is not attending school, the situation is an educational neglect scenario more than one of truancy. Parents can find themselves in Family Court facing a judge if children miss school excessively.

Family Resource Youth Service Centers
Each school has a Family Resource Youth Service Center, commonly called FRYSC (Frisky). The DPP department supervises and oversees the services of the FRYSC which are aimed at identifying and removing barriers to education. Such barriers might include clothing, basic needs, dental or medical issues, parent education, or a variety of other things. For more information about FRYSCs visit their link on your child’s school website.  click here.

Home and Hospital Instruction
One of the most misunderstood programs is Home and Hospital Instruction (HHI) which is  often referred to as Homebound. HHI is often mistaken as a long term program, however,
it is designed to be a short term educational program for students who have had surgery, been in an accident, or other health impairment that will not allow them to attend school for awhile. HHI teachers visit the student’s home twice every 5 days. The DPPs help  administer this program. The HHI office can be reached at 862-4608.

Student Records
Pupil Personnel stores a number of student records. Student census information, student transcripts and even records from historic one room schools are housed and stored by the DPPs. Each year, hundreds of requests for such records are processed by this office.

Student Software Information System
The entire district operates using a student software information system. The DPP department oversees the application and usage of that system which is called Infinite Campus.  Parents can sign up for an Infinite Campus account and have easy access to their child’s grades, assignments, attendance, and easy email links to their child’s teacher by calling the DPP office and setting up an account. Then, parents can log into the Parent Portal and have Parent/ Teacher conferences as often as they want.  To contact the DPP office and ask about your own Parent Portal account, click here.
School attendance is critical to student learning. Kentucky laws regulate unexcused absences which may lead to court charges of either truancy or neglect, depending upon the age of the child. However, even when absences are excused, the students miss valuable instruction. Therefore, the Board of Education has established policies that regulate the number of absences that can be excused until the DPPs conduct an investigation. Attendance policies are available in the Student Code of Conduct or by clicking here to view an online version of the Student Code of Conduct.
Work Permits
The DPP Department processes many requests each year for Work Permits, or age verifications, for young people who are seeking employment. The DPPs can acquaint you with Child Labor laws and provide young people with an age verification by calling 862-4600 and asking for the DPP.

Comp Care Counseling Services
The Board of Education and Cumberland River Comprehensive Counseling Services have a contractual agreement which allows students to receive counseling services from a certified clinician at school. If your child is in need of any type of counseling service, contact the FRYSC Director at your child’s school, or contact the DPP Department.