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High School Program

Last Updated: 4/22/2020 9:23 PM


Gifted and Talented in the High School


Dear Parents,

During high school, you may wonder how the gifted program is different than what they have experienced at the elementary or middle school level.  Here are some FAQ to help you understand this new phase.


Will my child be pulled by the GT teacher?

No.  High school students may be placed in or choose to take AP, dual credit, honors or advanced courses to meet their needs.  These classes are more challenging than the regular classes that are offered. In addition, many academic and club organizations are available for selection by the gifted/talented student.   Students may also opt to join academic and pathway specific competition teams. 


What are the GT documents that I receive when they get to high school?

Just like in elementary and middle school, GT students will receive a Gifted Student Service Plan at the beginning of the year and two progress reports over the course of the year.  The Gifted Student Service Plan is created by the GT Coordinator in conjunction with your child's teacher(s).  GT Progress Reports will be completed by the high school teacher that provides services for the identified area of giftedness.


What about the non-academic areas (leadership, music, art, etc.)?

Students have opportunities during the school day and after school to meet their needs.  For example, students identified as gifted in Leadership are encouraged to participate in service organizations, the Laurel County Youth Leadership Council, and student government.   Music students are encouraged to enroll in chorus and/or band.  In addition, they are encouraged to audition for musicals and performances.  Students gifted in art are encouraged to enroll in art classes, design classes, join art club, participate in the district art show and use their artistic talents in school performances for set design.  In addition, students can opt to help with yearbook design and/or a variety of other creative components of other clubs and programs.  Students gifted in dance can choose to try-out for a variety of teams/clubs such as  Dance Team, Cheerleading, Color Guard, Marching Band, and school musical performances.  These lists of opportunities provide only a sample of what is available to our talented students.


What are the goals that are outlined on a Gifted Student Service Plan (and measured on the Progress Report)?

  • Student will demonstrate achievement in the content area(s) of identification.

  • Students will develop process skills including creative/critical thinking, research, and problem solving in the area(s) of identification.

  • Students will complete high level products/performances in the area(s) of identification.

  • Students will develop goal setting, self-directed learning, leadership, and decision-making skills in the area(s) of identification.