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Last Updated: 5/27/2020 1:45 PM


Duke Tip

Support for Parents of Gifted Students

Duke TIP helps gifted students discover their abilities, explore new academic challenges, and celebrate their accomplishments.

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Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page

The “All Things Gifted” Page

This is an amazing resource for teachers, parents, and students. There are articles, discussions, activities, and anything else you could want in relation to gifted education on this site. It’s a great site for anyone who knows a gifted student.

Exquisite Minds

Gifted and Creative Children Resources

Like Hoagies’ site, this is a resource for teachers, parents, and kids. There are lots of curriculum differentiation ideas as well as forums and games. Great for teachers to show to parents of gifted students.

Mensa For Kids

Information and Games for Gifted Students

Mensa embraces younger members through this fun website, offering up monthly themes to get kids reading and learning at an advanced level.

Rhode Island State Advisory Committee on Gifted and Talented Education

Information and Resources about Gifted Education

While this site is geared towards Rhode Island, it has invaluable resources for parents, teachers, and students. There are activities, descriptions of giftedness, programs, advocacy forums, and more. A great site for teachers to pass on to parents.


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Gifted Educational Resources for Families, Educators and Students