Day Named Laurel County Public Schools Chief of Police

Laurel County Public Schools is pleased to announce that Bobby Day has been selected as the Chief of Police for Laurel County Public Schools.  A distinguished law enforcement veteran, Mr. Day has built a law enforcement career within the operational, administrative, and command functions of the Kentucky State Police (KSP).  Since 1991, he has served the KSP in various roles, including State Firearms Officer, Team Leader of the Special Response Team, Assistant Academy Commander, and Assistant Post Commander.

Beyond his responsibilities with KSP, Mr. Day has taught military and law enforcement personnel throughout the United States and abroad and holds numerous instructor and instructor trainer certifications. He has vast instructional experience in tactical command, critical incident management, dignitary protection, special event planning, sniper training, firearms, defensive tactics, less than lethal, chemical munitions, threat/risk assessment, foreign counter-terrorism, and hostage rescue.

Mr. Day has also served as an instructor and Director of program development for Operational Tactics and Op-Tac International.  His responsibilities in this role included providing special operations training to military and law enforcement personnel, both foreign and domestic.

Mr. Day is an instructor with the Department of Homeland Security-sponsored Domestic Preparedness Consortium and has provided security training for several NASCAR races, major sporting events, and training to first responders responsible for the security of the 2016 Republican National Convention.   Additionally, Mr. Day has provided VIP protection for diplomats and dignitaries from the U.S. and abroad.

Mr. Day is qualified as an expert witness in both State and Federal Courts in various areas of Law Enforcement, including use of force situations and has provided expert opinions, testimony, and consultation on numerous cases.

Mr. Day has received numerous commendations and awards for outstanding leadership, performance, and field operations, including three Trooper of the Year awards, three KSP Ernie Bivens Awards, five Commissioner Commendations, two Life Saving Medals, and the Kentucky State Police Medal of Bravery. 

Laurel County Public Schools is excited to welcome Mr. Day to our Laurel County School family as Chief of Police.  He has served as a school safety consultant for Laurel County Public Schools and was instrumental in the implementation of the Laurel County Schools LEOSA program since its inception in 2018. 

The Laurel County Public Schools Police Department will work in coordination with state, local, and federal law enforcement in keeping our students and staff safe.