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Talent Show Rules

We will be having a Bush Talent Show at the end of this year.  Tryouts usually begin right before or after Spring Break.  You can watch this webpage or teacher newsletters for the exact date.  Anyone from Kindergarten to 5th grade can audition for the show.  There will be around 20-23 spots to fill.  Your child must be ready to audition during the audition week and have their props and music ready.  Below are the rules for the talent show.
Talent Show Rules:

1. Participants must have a "real" talent that they will perform in the auditions.
2.  If singing or dancing, you must choose a song that is school appropriate.  You must have your music with you during your audition.
3. You must use a performance track (music only) if singing. 
4. You must have Parent Permission.
5. You can only participate in one act.