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Naval Science 2/Leadership & Management - 1st Platoon  

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This course is divided into Maritime History and Nautical Sciences. The Maritime History section gives the Naval Science cadet a sense of how sea power is used to meet our nation's needs, how we defend our sea lanes and deny the enemy the use of the sea in time of war. Instruction includes sea power studies from early western civilizations to present day. The Nautical Science section includes training and instruction on maritime geography, oceanography, meteorology, astronomy, and physical science as it applies to Navy ships and aircraft. Students will receive training in physical fitness and military drill. Activities include color guard training, drill teams, academic team, physical fitness competition, air rifle competition, orienteering and participate in parades, fund-raisers, and have the opportunity to go on at least one field trip.

  • Knowledge

    "We as a people don't know much of anything, we only remember what we were taught.  If what we were taught is wrong, we know even less." - Chief Acampa

  • Choices


    "Life can be filled with obstacles or opportunities.  Your perspective will determine which ones they are." - Chief Acampa



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