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How to sign up for ACT prep course

1.  Go to the website:
2.  Once on the site, click on ACT
3.  If you already have an account and remember your password, log in.
4.  If you are a new user, click on the new user button and fill out the form.  The email should be your school email address.  If you forget your password, this is the email the program will use to send it to you!
Use the school's mailing address:  1300 E Hal Rogers Pkwy, London KY 40741.

5.  User name is your FIRST initial and your LAST Name.  For instance Bruce Wayne's would be bwayne.  Recommend using all lower case!!  If the program rejects your name (possibly already in use) add numbers; for example:  bwayne47 or bwayne0047.


6.  PASSWORD is anything you want and can REMEMBER!  Example:  favorite song w/special characters = chlorine&$#  

*Email me ( with your username and password once you've successfully logged in.


7.  SUCCESSFUL Log-In:  Take the quizzes.  Pick you favorite subject first.  The program uses your quizzes to tailor the course to meet your academic level and raise your ACT score!!


*If you've already signed up but cannot remember your username/password, re-register as a new user.