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English IV

English IV Syllabus
Course #:  230116
CFI-Ms. Nantz (
Textbooks:  Pearson’s Common Core Literature (Volumes I and II) 
*Seniors will be assigned the textbooks/novels and will be required to return them—undamaged--or pay the replacement costs for them.
Major Writing Skills:
 *Summarizing, note-taking, annotating, paragraph building, varying syntax, and expanding vocabulary
*Writing arguments to support claims
*Writing narratives / personal essays tied to a specific purpose
*Writing to create (poems, sermons, art)
*Citing textual evidence in both literary and informational pieces
*Effectively arguing, critiquing, and analyzing using various texts.  
*Evaluating sources and synthesizing information for a specific purpose
*Analyzing style in an argumentative literary analysis by applying literary terms and concepts
*Demonstrating command of English language conventions
*Using technology to produce writing pieces

Reading Skills:  
*Gleaning universal ideas and themes
*Identifying author’s purpose and how the author achieves that purpose through style markers (diction, figurative language, syntax)
*Recognizing rhetorical devices and their intended purpose
*Expanding vocabulary through contextual and structural analysis and through analysis of technical and figurative/literal language as well as denotative/connotative effect
*Analyzing point of view and its impact on a piece

1st Nine Weeks    Unit 1:  Anglo-Saxon Period 600-1066 / Personal Essay 
APA writing / Creative Writing
Independent novel reading (English 101 students only)
Unit 2:  Middle Ages 1066-1400 Chaucer-Mallory
Novel Reading (option:  Night)
KYOTE Preparation for Transition Students
2nd Nine Weeks    Unit 3 Renaissance Literature / Poetry / Macbeth
Unit 4 Tuesdays with Morrie / Creative Nonfiction (option:  Night)
Writing a Literary Analysis / MLA and Pathway project
3rd Nine Weeks    Unit 5:  Dystopian novel 1984
Essay Writing
Unit 6:  Romantics  poetry and Frankenstein
KYOTE Preparation for select students
English 101 MWF for select students ;TH preparation / reading / writing 
4th Nine Weeks    Projects with Career Pathways (not English 101)
Unit 8:  Moderns- British Contemporaries   Modern Play
KYOTE EXAM for those in need
Semester Exam 

Student Accountability:  
1st nine weeks (45%) + 2nd nine weeks (45%) + Final Exam (10%) =1st Semester Grade
3rd nine weeks (45%) + 4th nine weeks (45%) + Final Exam (10%) = 2nd Semester Grade
Grading Scale:  A = 90-100, B = 80-89, C = 70-79, D = 60-69,  F = 59 and below