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  • A Relationship with Jesus Christ. Every person needs to experience the love and forgiveness of God. When a person makes a commitment to Christ, they establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. This will affect their life in this world and throughout eternity.
  • Reaching Students for Christ. Most people, over 80%, come to Christ before they graduate from high school. We must share the message of God's love through Jesus Christ with students, before the world captures, and then controls their hearts, minds, and actions.
  • A Christian Influence in our Schools. We need a move of God in our schools! We need a place where Christian students can meet on campus to be encouraged, and to be challenged to live and share their faith at school. We also need a place where non-Christian students can feel accepted and loved, and hear the message of the Gospel.
  • Empowering Students as Leaders. The greatest influence in a student's life is another student. We must encourage, equip, and empower Christian students to unite on their campus. These students will organize a Christian outreach ministry on campus. This is the only legal way to have Christian ministry in middle and high schools.
  • Unity of Churches in the Community/Cities. The churches must come together in unity, with a vision to reach their city for Christ. They must also model and give support to students who will unite in our schools to reach their campus for Christ.
  • Local Church Youth Ministry. The best place to grow into Christ-likeness and to serve Christ for a lifetime is through the fellowship of a local congregation of believers. We want every student to be part of a local church that provides a youth ministry to help students grow and serve Christ.
  • Reaching a Generation for Christ. Our nation is in trouble! The only way to see our country continue to have God's blessing, protection, and provision, is to reach a generation for Christ. That generation will then build a culture that will honor God, produce citizens with Christ-like virtue and Godly character. That will be a nation that God can bless!

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