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Laurel County Schools

Auditory Bombardment List


summer                               baseball                               games                                   sip                                          school strawberries                                basketball                           naps                                      miss                                       skate swimming                                ski                                           toys                                       yes                                         smile slide                                           ice cream                   sunshine                              splash                                   speak stop                                          sticky                                     stars                                      zap                                         crisp sticky                                          snake                                    friends                                  dogs                                      whisper super                                   seek                                      vacations                             mister                                   almost zoo                                          scissors                                 hot dogs                      sister                                     sweep bicycle                                    trails                                      crackers                               picnics                                   sweet zipper                                      lazy                                        animals                                 signs                                                stars

/sh, ch, j/

chocolate                            cushion                                jump                                     splash                                chimney cheeseburger                                fishing                                   joke                                       caution                                 chase chicken                                    fashion                                 jam                                        rush                                       chilly catch                                          milkshake                            July                                        share                                     patches rich                                        dodge ball                           adventure                           cage                                       ship chip                                              jacks                                                natural                                  bridge                                   pushes ocean                                    shade                                    fudge                                    orange                                  shape touch                                       juice                                      suggest                                jello                                       slush wishes                                       choose                                 magician                              change                                 shore shine                                         shock                                    wishes                                  teacher                                match


think                                      both                                      bathtub                                them                                     this thirsty                                           Thursday                             toothbrush                         teeth                                     worth thistle                                      those                                    Beth                                      tether                                   worth birthday                  Earthquake                                thread                                  breath                                  feather thirteen                with                                       everything                          thief                                   thermos neither                                 mother                                 father                                   other                                     month thunder                 there                                     math                                     method                                Earth south                                         north                                     cloth                                      thick                                      thin authority                    athlete                                 thumb                                  cloth                                      leather rather                                    rhythm                                 though                                 through                                throat  



face                                       chef                                       vanish                                   movie                                   flower             figure                                                chief                                      violin                                     oven                                      flip       four                                         leaf                                        visit                                        leaves                                   flow      famous                                 fun                                         vegetable                            coffee                                   flat     fan                                             before                                  fish                                         clover                                    fly fashion                                           safe                                                volunteer                            wave                                     flap foggy                                            waffles                                 fever                                     give                                        flick      fill                                             sheriff                                   ivy                                          live                                         flutter firecracker                             cough                                    have                                                travel                                    flake violet                                          over                                       five                                        cave                                       view


car                                          monkey                                crayon                                  dog                                        crazy key                                             sticky                                     blackberry                           back                                       clown guitar                                       insect                                    scooter                                 bake                                      clue     go                                             big                                                popsicle                               park                                       glue game                                           soccer                                   basketball                           fox                                         grip sticks                                            fix                                           mix                                         ticks                                       tricks camera                                     snacks                                   take                                                make                                     mark park                                            crown                                   grip                                        great                                     cat    clap                                              fire cracker                         bicycle                                  gooey                                   green vacation                  flag                                         catch                                     magic                                                  milk


lemon                                   police                                    ball                                         glass                                      learn lace                                             pencils                                  pool                                       flake                                      world like                                            bicycles                                cereal                                    clown                                    dollar light                                           chocolate                            pole                                       clock                                      dollar lose                                           slide                                                fall                                          plate                                      follow wheelbarrow                       lip                                           clam                                       hill                                          play lamb                                             slow                                       wheel                                   sleep                                     slip slippery                                        lazy                                        seal                                                plain                                      castle lollipop                                     palace                                   bill                                          blueberry                            cycle






rain                                        shirt                                       water                                    cream                                   art  four                                               there                                     race                                       birthday                               better green                                      mark                                      score                                     fair                                         run         sure                                      later                                                great                                     start                                       store wear                                          ready                                    thirsty                                   never                                    trip park                                               tore                                       tear                                        robin                                   baker treat                                          garden                                  boring                                   scare                                     ride  favorite                                      wonder                                street                                                guitar                                    order fair                                             raisin                                     wonderful                                after                                      branch scar                                         fire                                         cereal                                    rate                                        learn      alligator                               broken                                 far                                          more                                                chair rip                                                crackers                               world                                    motor                                   crazy star                                             morning                               rake                                       worm                                    sister drop                                          cart                                        grocery                                 strawberry                          cherry