CFI student using computer coding skills

Students in the Industrial Maintenance Technology (IMT) program at the Laurel County Schools Center for Innovation (CFI) are learning to develop essential workforce and career readiness skills in the lab.  “Programmable Logic Controls (PLCs) are essential to efficient automated plant operations in all types of advanced manufacturing,” said Gary Karr, IMT program coordinator.  Skyler Schubert and other third-year students are currently learning to write and deploy computer program codes to operate advanced manufacturing technology. 

Students in the program take courses in electrical technology, motor controls, programmable logic controls, construction technology, shop management, basic troubleshooting, and welding technology.  “Having technicians that understand how to install, program, operate, and maintain advanced technology systems is vital to manufacturing industries,” added Karr. 

Students can earn industry-recognized career-ready credentials from the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) as an Electrical Technician and safety certification by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) before graduating from high school. 

Dr. Davis, CFI Principal, explained that if students are looking for an in-demand, high-wage career path in advanced manufacturing or in the industrial trades such as electrical, construction, welding, plumbing, or air condition technology, then they should look into the IMT program at the CFI.