Students with showcase trophy and medals

Congratulations to the South Laurel Middle School 6th grade Academic Team for winning the Section 25 6th-grade Showcase!  The Quick Recall team was crowned tournament champions, and the following team members placed in Written Assessment:

Ayaan Ali - 1st place in Science

Max Morris - 1st place in social studies and 1st place in Arts & Humanities

Lauren Schiethauer - 1st place in Math and 1st place in Language Arts

Ross Ryser - 2nd place in Math and 4th place in Science

Kaiya Scalf - 2nd place in Arts & Humanities

Bailey Wilson - 2nd place in Language Arts

Tristan Hodge - 3rd place in Math

Grier Allen - 3rd place in Composition

Madilyn Finley - 6th place in Composition

Individual recognitions include Max Morris, whose Arts & Humanities  score tied for the third-highest score in the entire state.   In Language Arts, Lauren Scheithauer score tied for the fifth-highest score in the  state.  Way to go Max and Lauren!

Team members are  Ayaan Ali, Lexi Champlin, Tristan Hodge, Max Morris, Isabella Mullins, Ross Ryser, Kaiya Scalf, Lauren Schiethauer, and Bailey Wilson.