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Students at the Laurel County Schools Center for Innovation (CFI) in the Computer Information Technology (CIT) program are taking the AP Computer Science Principles class, where students practice creating algorithms using sequence, selection, and iteration to navigate the Sphero robots through mazes. “Our students are learning to write, deploy, and alternate codes with the Sphero robots,” said Mrs. Samantha Bryant, Program Coordinator.  

Students in the program take classes such as digital literacy, computational thinking, AP Computer Science, and computer science programming, including languages such as Java, Python, and JavaScript. Students learn web design, animation, gaming, and app development in the program.

“We are truly impressed by the talent demonstrated by the students and the utilization of advanced math skills and the digitization of program codes as elements of critical thinking and problem-solving,” remarked Dr. James M. Davis, Principal. Students can earn industry-recognized credentials and college credits in the program. “Our students become transition ready for college and careers in higher wage, high demand career pathways in computer sciences,” added Davis.