Students participating in mock interview

Students at the Laurel County Schools Center for Innovation (CFI) are learning to enhance their interpersonal communication skills in preparation for job interviews.  

Mrs. Jessica Davis, English Instructor, developed a unit

of study that begins with personality profile analysis, cost of living

comparisons, and an interest inventory to help students identify a

"perfect" career.  

Students completed a career research presentation on their chosen job, which included skills analysis, credential needs, and the utilization of APA reference citations. 

Mrs. Davis explained that students use technology, such as Google slides, and public speaking skills. "We want our students to be able to

effectively communicate what they know and recognize the opportunities available to them with prospective employers,” said Mrs. Davis.

 As a follow-through learning activity, students competed

for a position with a fictitious employer by writing and submitting a resume and cover letter, participating in a mock interview, and practicing email etiquette with a follow-up email. The student from each class period with the best overall performance for the unit received the job and a 100 Grand candy bar. 

"These types of learning activities are instrumental in helping our students prepare for the workforce and competitive selection of collegiate programs and scholarships,” remarked Dr. James M. Davis, CFI Principal.